The New Year always brings about the desire to look back at the past year and see what God has done in our lives. It’s a time of reflection, a time to give thanks, and a time to re-evaluate for the next year. It seems an appropriate time to also consider the first semester of Vineyard Country Homeschool Fellowship.
Has it been a blessing to you?
Have you made new friends and been encouraged in your homeschooling?
Have your children made new friends and been encouraged?
What do you wish was different?
Has the “few but consistent” been enough or do you wish there was more? Or maybe less?
Please leave your feedback in the comments section…we really do want to know!

As a recap, our group kicked off with a Saturday morning Fellowship Tea for moms. We’ve since had two others. These teas are a time for sweet fellowship with moms to share prayer requests, trials, concerns, praises, and triumphs. We talk about homeschooling and real life; share our burdens and our thanksgivings. I treasure these times with you all.

We’ve had a few Tuesday evening Mom Culture nights and you all amaze me with your talents! I am overjoyed that we can get together as moms and “do” the things we want to encourage our children to do. We are painting and picture-studying and nature-journaling and handicrafting and writing! I am looking forward to throwing in a little “Calendar of Firsts” and “Books of Centuries” this semester!

Lunch and Recess is our only weekly gathering and I know it is a highlight for my children to get to share that time with friends.

Our Fine Arts Fridays are an event to look forward to, aren’t they? On these days we try to squeeze in some of that Charlotte Mason “enrichment” that tends to get left out of the daily plans. We studied Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot this past term and the students attempted to imitate his paintings after doing picture-study narrations together. I can’t believe the enthusiasm over Shakespeare & Reader’s Theater! The kids really enjoy the feast when it’s laid before them!

We have had 2 Family Socials, in which whole families were able to gather together in fellowship. I was just looking at photos of the Ice Cream Social and just love how the children played together and the dads chatted together and the moms were able to enjoy their families. It brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart to host those kinds of events. The Chili & Carolling Event was another blessed evening. Even the rain couldn’t prevent us (well, you…I wimped out) from sharing the love of Christ with the neighborhood through song.

Nature Days are a staple of a CM education and again, I am impressed with how you moms have taken seriously the suggestion to be purposeful in studying God’s creation and to get your kids drawing and painting their observations. You have modeled this to them by doing it yourself as well. Well done Mamas!

Thank you for inspiring me to press on!