Our annual “Share your favorite resources” Fellowship Tea happened! In addition to a lovely time of tea and treats, as well as sweet fellowship and mom encouragement, we got to hear some great ideas and learn of some favorite homeschool (and other) resources and materials. In case you missed it, please read on and follow the links for ideas and recommendations from those who were there.

Marina’s Recommendations:

  • Family Hymn Binder: Alphabetized list of favorite hymns in sheet protectors with printed song for each family member. Use daily.
  • Carol Joy Seid dvds for encouragement
  • Favorite Apps: Audible.com; AllTrails app; Merlin Bird app

Kimberley’s Recommendations:

Reina’s Recommendations:

Connie’s Recommendations:

Katie’s Recommendations:

Naomi’s Recommendations:

  • XtraMath for computer based math fact practice

Andrea’s Recommendations:

Kristie’s Recommendations:

Used Book Websites

The FAVORITE recommendation of the day from Katie: