In keeping with the simplicity of a Charlotte-Mason inspired homeschool fellowship, we will endeavor to filter any offered field trips or activities through a CM lens, so to speak. We recognize that there are unending field trip options for homeschoolers, however, it is not our goal to schedule field trips for the sake of fun or even field trips for the sake of education. For VCHF purposes, we are looking for opportunities to enhance the life experience of our children and ourselves, therefore we will be picky.

Outings in nature; visits to art museums, live symphonies, and plays; handicraft lessons, and wholesome family gatherings will be the predominant offerings within our fellowship group. We will continue to emphasize the “few but consistent” theme that we are attempting to weave throughout our planning, in the hope that you will be enthusiastic about the few field trips we offer and not be disappointed that there isn’t more “to do”.

We are open to ideas & suggestions! If you hear of a great opportunity that seems to fit the CM vision, please feel free to email us and we will run it through the filter. We want you to be assured that all field trip invites coming from Vineyard Country Homeschool Fellowship are worthwhile and worth your family’s time.

In consideration for this 2015/2016 school year: Copley Symphony Hall’s student performance, Timken Museum of Art-Vermeer exhibit, Balboa gardens & art museum outing, Nutcracker Ballet performance, and nature trips to the seashore, blueberry farm, and strawberry fields.