The intention of our quarterly Recitation Days is to provide our children with the opportunity to present quality material that they have committed to memory. In the early years a student of Charlotte Mason would memorize passages of literature, poetry, scripture, and other such worthy prose which would find its way into their hearts and minds to become a dear friend when recalled in later years.
Miss Mason was not so much a fan of memorizing lists or dates or random facts such as the modern classical curriculum encourages. Instead the child’s mind was filled with beautiful ideas and truths as well as noble deeds and acts.For the purposes of VCHF, we will not dictate to you what to have your child prepare and recite; we only ask that it be memorized and rehearsed. We will also accept one musical performance per student, per year so long as it is memorized. We encourage you to challenge your children beyond what you think they are capable of and expect then to rise to the occasion.  

Attire for those presenting will be “Sunday best” as we would like these events to have an air of formality about them. We will provide a program, so please be prepared to submit your child’s name and recitation piece ahead of time.

The first three Recitation Days will be on Monday mornings. Please limit guests for these events to immediate family only. Our end-of-year Recitation Days will be on Sunday afternoons. Moms, dads, and children are all encouraged to recite at the final Recitation Day! We will reserve a bigger room for this event and you may invite extended family and friends if you wish.