By Mrs. P

I asked my darling husband to give me a day without children to plan for next year,  and he very graciously obliged. He took 3 of the girls for an entire day so that I could sit down and hash it out with excel and curriculum!

At 1pm Fri afternoon I sat down at my computer with lunch, a nice cold glass of iced tea and Vivaldi playing in the background, “Oh yes, this is going to be glorious,” I thought! I watched a couple excel tutorials opened up the program and began! I was on a roll and things were coming together, excel and I were doing a sort of dance, getting to really know one another…”Thank you Jesus”, I say out loud! Then around 5 or 6, I hit a brick wall. I couldn’t seem to think straight, trying to plug in all the common things the girls could do together, where I needed to be at certain times, what on earth is my 2yo going to be doing the whole time? “I surrender!”

I raised the white flag and sat in utter disbelief! It wasn’t coming together. My brain was not functioning on any sort of rational level. Step away from the computer! Take a breather!! So I did, and I’m pretty sure I won’t go back. Here’s why: Homeschooling for 12 years and having never, ever used excel, only pencil and paper, I’ve discovered who I am. I am not a down to the minute planner; I am more of a fly by my seat sorta gal! And I think that’ll work with CM. I have to have a skeleton and I do, thanks to AO! But the other stuff is going to just have to find it’s way in our day. Plutarch,  Shakespeare, Handicrafts, Composer study, Drawing….all of these are going to fit, but it will have to be a natural sort of thing! And I trust that if the Lord wants us to find that sort of groove, He’ll provide the ways and means!

All this to say, “Kudos to you excellers.” I wish that I could use it and love it, but we all, just as we are trying to do with our children,  have to know who we are and how we work! I work with pencil, paper and a very loose, yet organized schedule!  I will start with a booklist and a starting time for school and go from there!

Thank you CM for being such a relaxed yet rich and complete way to school our children!