By Mrs. P
Lets talk about Fine Art Friday’s (FAF). When I first began reading about CM, this particular part of her philosophy struck me. Not because I am an expert, but because I know almost nothing about Great Artists or composers. So true to form for myself I told Mrs. H…I’ll teach that 🙂 So let me tell you what our FAF will look like!

We’ll meet every 6 weeks beginning Sept.11, to peruse a particular Artists’ work and have a quick 10 min bio about the artist. Each family will have an 8×10 print of the Artist to take home and hang and each student will have a 4×6 print of their own to begin a Great Artist album of sorts. At our meetings we will implement CM practice of studying art. We’ll have the students “study” the print for 5 min or so and then I will turn it over and ask them to narrate what they saw, one at a time. We will then turn it back over and see what we missed or how close we got!! We will then practice using the medium the artist used in their day. Should be fun!

So every 6 weeks we’ll have a new artist to study and each family will take home 6 of his/her prints to hang at home on a weekly basis. The students will have a photograph size of each print for his/her personal albums. All in all we will study 6 different artists. My hope is to get you and your student excited about fine arts. Keeping it simple and short. CM style. In addition to our Great Artist study we will also be learning about a new composer every 6 weeks. During our art time we will listen to a composer and hear a brief bio on them as well.

Along with the artist prints to take home you will also receive a CD with just a few selections of the composer’s work to take home and enjoy for the next 6 weeks.

Fine Arts Fridays are an additional $50 to the participation fee and includes all the prints, photographs, and art materials for the school year. This fee is due August 1 at the same time as the participation fee.